3% Season 4: Check All Important Details Before Its Release On Netflix

Published By Anoj Kumar

Tuesday, 4 August 2020,

Modified Date: Tuesday, 4 August 2020,

3% is a Brazilian suspense web series created by Pedro Aguilera. The 3% on Netflix has proven to be so successful with subscribers that fans already tease season 4. Fans are very excited and eager to see season 4.

The original Netflix series returned to streaming service in June 2019 with the third season of the Brazilian thriller 3%. With just eight episodes, many 3% of fans have already watched the latest instalment and are looking forward to the fourth season. This is when 3% of Season 4 will be released and if the series is still being updated.

Will there be another 3% series on Netflix?

Netflix still greenlights 3% of season four. However, fans shouldn’t panic too much, as the third season only launched on June 7. Netflix may leave for a few weeks to a few months before announcing a renewal of its original content.

With the series already in the third season, Netflix has a field of view to reach with subscribers.

Is there any release date for season 4:

The makers of the show usually take sometime before bringing another series. Right now, season 4 of 3% is due for 14th August 2020 release. Mark the date on your calendars because the wait is almost over.

The expected storyline of season four:

The third season surprisingly had some of the biggest twists and turns of the show with its fourth run. The shell was built in the third season as an alternative to the coast and the interior and is known as housing for all.

However, a destructive sandstorm threatens the food and water supply, with unstable instability. Suffering from hunger, villagers demand a process to discover who is eligible to live in the shale.