Cask – Drowning In March Lyrics

Please don’t leave me now

As the water covers the ceiling
The cold embracing my face
I’m down here where no one can hear me
And I’m so out of place
Will you tell the world I tried my best?
And tell them I meant no harm
If only you could understand
What I had become

Don’t try to tell me that you care
Like you even give a shit

Darling please don’t leave me now
It’s getting so cold
You know I’m afraid of the dark
Please don’t let me go

As the tide slowly picks up
And I try to stretch out my hand
Don’t let it end like this
Please just give me one more chance
Will you tell our little girls that I’m sorry?
That I married such a bitch!
And you won’t have to worry
This will not be the end of it

I know that you’ll play the victim
‘cos that’s what you always do

Darling please don’t leave me now
I’ll do whatever you say
I promise not to tell a soul
I don’t want it to end this way
Darling please don’t leave me now
Getting so cold
I’m afraid of the dark
Don’t go
I’m watching you pull away (I am pulling away)
I feel my body sink (I am leaving now)
Please don’t go (I’ll be gone. I will watch you drown)