Consolidated – Crackhouse Lyrics

Crack MC:
They say they can’t convict
Though they’re known to be strict
Mistook my people for the ones to be hit
Startin’ crimes of passion
Flames and ash and murder passing hand to hand
Car to car they done gone too far
Stop where you are the cops are at war
With the B to the L to the A to the C to the K
We ain’t selling no rocks today
I’m breaking glass for the black man’s plight
Gonna burn and loot as proof to the whites
They can’t take advantage
We can do damage
Thought they could manage our sense of the real
So now the King was the god damned defendant
Cops with the Klan bent were just in their bust
They can beat you to the fullest extent of the lengths of their clubs
Peace and love in god we trust
Don’t fuss with the negro pros at dissecting the plotting
That many years ago made niggas pick cotton
And shamed us aimed us out of our orbit
But never explored it to sue the red, white and blue
Voluntary manslaughter killed the father raped the daughter
Bust this to the youth and trust this to be truth
We’re choking on a culture that circles like vultures
Putting slaves in their graves as unemployed leftovers
Yeah gangs have sprung from the work that you
Who worship the cursed red, white and blue
Have done to the kid in your bid to get ahead
Now rocks gonna roll for green black and red
Riot they gon’ buy it
Now this black generation done been to patient
Thelma and Louise this whole damn nation and let’s just all act up
They used logic for the projects like they housing cattle
Bush’s point of light done ignited my battle
’cause my people getting burned
And there’s nowhere to turn
There’s a gun to your head, G
When do you learn?

Bring ’em to the Crackhouse
Let’s have a riot
Welcome to the Crackhouse

Twelve years of Bush and Reagan
No opportunity cuts and social spending
Poverty line poor and homeless sinking
Calling out the army and blaming the victim
Every inner city’s a crack-house
And every American TV’s on you bet it’s a blackout
No health care, jobs or housing visualize plebiscide 2000
There’s no logic reason or rhyme
Just black on black on brown on yellow crime
Aids in the house you can’t escape
With no condoms for kids no sex education
Government withhold potential drugs
So you drive to the crack-house and buy it from street thugs
No hope for the hopeless, no power for the powerless
Total confusion look at life through an hourglass
Violence is never an answer it’s a question
What does it take to get media attention
Are people really ready for truth
Now that the chickens have all come home to roost
And the leadership patience and quiet
But it’s too late for empty rhetoric it’s a riot

Welcome to the Crackhouse
This is a riot

We need crack in L.A. (the land?)

Crack MC:
I’m sorry Rodney, but I just can’t stop
I’m the C to the R to the A to the C to the K
Double up raps is haps I say
Spray the whole damn block my rock is dominating
Got a base head lock on this spaced out nation
Project glass pipe’s been the best thing tried
Got us tight boxed in rollers on all sides
Feeding black paranoia that can throw you around a bit
USA can’t say they ain’t down with it
Leading the attack of the killer Caucasians
Now they trying to persuade us sweep it under the rug
Getting action from Jesse Jackson ’bout being upset
But bet he ain’t living on drugs
He’s just simping ’cause he pimping as a politician
Shooting off his mouth but the fire is missing
‘Cause he’s turning his back on the blacks going crazy
Telling us to vote that’s a quote like we’re lazy
Instead of oppressed by a stressed population
That maimed and then blamed blacks with no reparations
Got no education thought the nation was dumb
Kept us poor and ignored till we pick up a gun
And defend our lives like the men so wise that
We are band together as a gang and then swang
Do your thang in the middle of the night
While I try to teach the devil about wrong and right
‘Cause it’s beyond his comprehension
So some schooling’s attempted
The usual lies that you hear are preempted
Been shot in the back for the fact that they’re whack
Believe not a word that you’ve heard about that
‘Cause crack is being sold like candy
Better go call up Barney and Andy
Tell them that Mayberry’s under siege
CRACK MC done hooked Opie!

Welcome to the Crackhouse
I wanna riot
Bring ’em to the Crackhouse
Let’s have a riot