Consolidated – He Lyrics

She gave him life yet he would rather she be dead
Out of her soil and her genitalia she bled
The tears of love and pain on down through millenia
The only love that he knows is necrophilia
He is a servant of god and capitol
Conquer the land for the gold tobacco and the animals
He came on ships brought his horses and disease
He took by force what was offered to him peacefully
He robbed and killed and slayed up and down the coast
Columbus, captain smitz, cortez father son and the holy ghost
Through his ceasesless wars he molds identiy
Raped the natives and their land demoralized his enemy
Drain the human will and labor enemy
Blast furnace coal mine sweat shops and textile mills
Symbol of the wolf staring down the barrel of a gun
Like Kuwaiti oil fields burning in the desert sun
Every class and race every corner of the world
China India Africa and Europe she feels connected to our life
But he must stand alone in the name of progress the damage he has done
To purify her soul and her body in his eyes
Decapitate and irrigate the other sterilze
Everything he fears or doesn’t want to learn
Like a Hindu widow or a witch she must be burned
Science is the word his sword the medicine
Modern gynecology and vivisection he removed her sex organs
He bound her feet chained up in the factory a milk and birth machine
He erased her voice her language and her signs
He rewrote all the history books to cover up the crimes
Symbol of the Wolf striking fear in the soul of men
Wiping out the predator so he can hunt the sacred game