Das Racist – Return To Innocence Lyrics

It’s not the beginning of the end
It’s a return to yourself – a return to innocence


Really though
Frat dudes is like juggalos
Underrated in the game like Mark Ruffalo
I rock well like Sam and people love it, yo
At the crib I steady stack bills like buffalo
I’m dumb but flow and you planning what I done before
You can’t see me, your CD is CB number 4
Shining on my block, catch you and I run it yo (?)
Basically all you wack rappers is who I’m gunning for
India Jones, nice with mine plus the punchline
On the lunch line I munch mines when it’s crunch time
Dumb rhymes, flows for days, yes I got several raps
Mixtape was just us but now we work with several cats
I still live off severance cash, self aware and reverent cats
Das Racist is running rap
Run with that or run it back
Run with that or run it back
Run it, run it back


[Kool A.D.]
How come EBT cop Cheetos but not hot coffee?
Same reason Biggie and Pac got shot, probably
Ocky, box with a ox, jokes, not me
Cocky, papi
Charles Bugatti flossy
Feet more fleet than Bob Fosse
Bob Ross couldn’t even copy the original
On ritalin for a phrase spinach and soil main cobra fang
Coil, Tesla, extra, extra
Viper arm Vespa
Tiger balm chest rub
Biters warm, less hot
Mexican hot chocolate
2pacalypse wild, knock a bitch down
Out his bitch chair illest Latin rapper with bitch hair
Believe me, it’s there
No Schrodinger, dumb thinker
A real humdinger of a blue-eyed soul singer
Jelly roll bringer, sword swinger
Vagin-ae scented finger
You don’t really want it with Kool A.D
A.K.A. Victor Vazquez
Second best rapper with glasses after E-40
Rolling with three shorties
Pop X with dinner, we’ll be rolling till 3:40 or 4 or more
Vitamin C than a grocery store
What you joking me for?

(Vamp till end)