Dr. Yen Lo – Day 912 Lyrics

You are calm. Quiet. Peaceful. Drowsy. Sleepy
Calm. Quiet. Very drowsy. Very sleepy
And going still deeper, and deeper
You are receptive and sensitized to my voice and my suggestions
Now take a deep breath, and just start to let go completely

[Verse: Ka]
Last of the craftsmen, to the masses I’m a has been
Committed the most crass sin
Dazzling, as the barrel of the mag spin
Need a super future, my past grim
In a race, might place with coins but cash win
Can’t have a iron heart and a glass chin
Been tested, ain’t fail, I’m tried and true
When it’s all falling apart my pride’s the glue
I felt at times worthless
Pulled shifts with shifty crime merchants
Stained hearts, brainwashed by mind serpents
The fact I’m still here, it’s clear it’s divine purpose
I know Lord I can’t afford another misstep
On my quest, with the stress that I ain’t rich yet
Calm with a sidearm, now a big threat
Nothing to lose, so boys in blues, never did fret
Motives too ill to build, helped demolish
Till I realized wealthy is health and knowledge
Days as a knave, now paid for my brave
No amenities like I was raised in the cave
But courage flourished in that rider housing
Now destiny is one death for me, not a thousand
Now destiny is one death for me, not a thousand
Performed in my wrong, with correct grime
Pawned all I farmed you till the next time
Soul stayed, the presence of men go
Until we meet again, feed your friend some Yen Lo

Let my voice be a guide. You can and will be able to respond to the suggestions that you receive and accept of a positive and constructive nature

[Production by Preservation]