Drakeo The Ruler – Levels Lyrics

Shit, I guess that’s me, huh, uh
I’m back on one of those [?]

[Verse 1]
Tell these niggas stop stressin’
Man that’s a case closed
I been ’round beef
f**k with me the long way
Since niggas always snitchin’ we gon’ do this shit the hard way
In elementary schools with Dracos in hallways
Grimy ass shooter with his jeans by Balmain
Investigate this scene you gon’ need some long tape
Tell me what’s wrong, why these rappers always fakin’?
Actin’ like I don’t rap like this all day
You want a f**kin’ show?
Then by a ticket nigga
Hunned fifty bands and I still had the stitches nigga
Big Banc Buddha but my shoes plain Christian
And c’mon, ten bands? I’m worth at least 300k
Cuz that’s what you gon’ need takin’ me up out the way
My momma always said son you work more than them
And nigga f**k an image [?] there’s more than rap
A star that is me [?] quarterback
Get the job done, or I’mma need my quarter back
Chillin’ at the condo with at least a quarter staff
Mr. f**kin’ Mosely, yes I drink more than average
I know I got a problem yes indeed it’s more than bad

Little nigga you know it’s levels
You might got a Rolie too but my watch broke the bezel
The police wanna get behind me but inside they know it’s levels
This heavy duty rock ‘n’ roll I’m tradin’ tools with the devil
I know you wanna be me too but then again you know its levels

[Verse 2]
Lil’ nigga you know it’s levels
Lyin’ ass nigga [?] dirty with the pedal