Equinox Season 1: Is the series based on a true story?

Equinox Season 1: Is the series based on a true story?

By Jay Kumar – Monday, 4 January 2021, 0 17

Equinox is available on Netflix! If you want to know if Equinox is inspired by a true story, read on! Netflix’s Equinox is a “Scandi-noir” series that uses different elements of folklore, sex cults, mystery murders, and supernatural tales to produce a slow-burning thriller. Around Astrid, haunted by her sister’s disappearance and finally hoping to find answers 21 years later.

This six-part series brings the atmosphere of Dark to life. Some twists and turns make this series fascinating. And that is evidenced by the moral complexities it presents. To have all the answers to your questions, read this. If you’re curious about the details of the series’ creation and if Equinox is based on a true story, read on!

Is Equinox on Netflix based on a true story?

No, Equinoxe on Netflix is ​​not based on a true story. It is simply a dramatic narrative that mixes Danish and German folklore with crimes that can occur in everyday life to challenge the lines between fiction and reality. However, in saying this, the series is based on a podcast called “Equinox 1985,” which was also developed by the series’ creator, Tea Lindeburg. The filmmaker has already been part of satirical series such as Kødkataloget and Normalerweize. Which makes her a familiar face in the entertainment industry, especially in Scandinavia.

He was asked about the inspiration behind the world of Equinox. The principal said she combined her memories of her childhood in Østerbro with a fictional but seemingly possible story about the disappearance of an entire high school class to create this grisly tale.

Speaking then about adapting the audio series to a visual series, Tea Lindeburg described how crucial it was for her to ensure that the tone and narrative reflected correct thinking. “When it becomes visual, it becomes much more concrete, and the things that you see, you easily take for granted,” he said. “When you listen to something, the ability to imagine and abstract is greater. This is where you form the images in your head. Therefore, podcast support offers more free space, wherewith television series you always have to find a balance ”.

Saying this, Tea Lindeburg couldn’t be happier than her. the story ended on a platform like Netflix. “The advantage of working with Netflix is ​​that once they are in, they are in,” he revealed. They thought, “This is your story. We have a lot of questions, but you have to do it exactly your way. ” This gives great creative freedom, without constantly having the impression that you are taking an exam ”. And the streaming giant, which has issued official statements showing its enthusiasm for Equinox as any designer would also noted.