Fetty Wap – Black Friday Lyrics

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Bitch, haha
I think I love sayin’ that shit
Yeah, [?] on the beat

Ayy, walk up like ”What’s up, babygirl?”, so you pass me
Why this nigga standing so close? I’m just asking (Fuck is this nigga?)
[?] ‘fore a nigga get to blasting
I’m sorry if I’m coming too strong, I’ma relax now
Baby, where I’m from, if it’s war, I don’t back down (Yeah)
Hold up, let me chill, tryna build with yo’ pretty ass
Always on the 12 [?] know where he at (12)
All white Beamer [?], I ain’t stingy, baby (Mwah)
I want me to pleasure you in some Fendi, baby
I hope all of yo’ exes get offended, baby (Ha)
You should see the pleasure on yo’ face when I’m in it, baby (Ooh)
Open up your legs lil’ bitch, face all in it, baby (Mwah)
I just wanna chill, let me put you in the Bentley, baby (Yeah)
Better keep a Q before niggas don’t be friendly, baby (Yeah)
Make me pop out, if I’m comin’, then he [?], baby (Yeah)
Know I be thuggin’ even harder when I’m in you, baby (Ooh)
One that I’m lovin’, if I say it, then I mean it, baby (Ooh)
You see me pull up, then I brought it, I ain’t [?], baby (Ooh)
Buy a nigga out, yeah, then make a new [?], baby (Yeah)
Show you what I’m ’bout, huh, money, I can spend it (Zoo), baby, yeah
Money, I’ma spend it (Spend it, yeah)
Put you in a drop and it’s tinted, girl (Yeah)
Think is you with it? (With it)
I be countin’ guap, bitch, I’m winnin’, yeah (Girl)
[?], so you with it, girl (Yeah)
Put your legs on the ceiling, girl (Ooh)
I know you like that feeling, girl (Yeah)
You lay here, I hit it, girl
Every time I talk, I’m like “What’s up with you?” (What’s up, baby?)
Always ask a nigga if he fuck with you
Babygirl, you got me, know I’m stuck with you (Ooh)
Babygirl, you got me, know I’m stuck with you (Yeah)
Fuck with you (Know I fuck with you)
Only up with you (Know it’s up with you)
They can’t fuck with you (Know I fuck with you), oh, ohh
Girl, you know I’m stuck with you, baby (Yeah)
And you know I fuck with you, baby (Yeah)
Girl, you know what’s up with you, baby (Yeah)
Uh, only wanna fuck with you (You)
Shine brighter than a jewel (Jewel)
Huh, girl, with you, I can’t lose (Can’t lose, lose)
Huh, make me put him on the news (On the news, news)
Yeah, yeah, yeah