For The Win – Dancing Shoes Lyrics

When the walls cave in on you
Don’t expect me to wait around to see this through
When will you learn?
You play with fire you’re gonna get burned
You’ll never break me down
Yeah that’s the sound of your life unfolding
Open your eyes, Open your eyes
I fight to live while you live to die

You’re the voice in my head, telling me i’m better off dead
Can’t you see that you’re the one giving fuel to my fire
This is my life, this is my chance to set the record straight
(You can’t trust anyone)
And I don’t need to fit your mold
Because I do what I want, while you do what you’re told

How does it feel to be left in the cold?
That’s the sound of your life unfolding
You can’t trust anyone these days
I’m sick of being surrounded by the liars, the fakes, the cheaters and the snakes
Choke on your words while you dig your own grave
You’re nothing more than a bottom feeder

You’ve been running in circles
Is it a phase or a state of mind
You stand alone in a world gone cold
Keep searching for the light