Fortes – Keep It True Lyrics

(Verse 1)
The revolution will be streamed, use to have revelations in my dreams, my dedication is extreme, I’d rather be heard than seen, nowadays my concern is the green, the world can’t wait to turn you to a meme, success is temporary, if I ever have to get an office job I’ll have sex with the secretary, family first everything else is secondary, wanna live life that’s legendary, wanna give love leave a legacy, eternal sunshine, deleting memories, they don’t live like people do, no matter what you do just keep it true

(Verse 2)
I took the beaten path and I got lost, I just want to paint my picture like Bob Ross, if Saint Peter don’t let me in then it’s Gods loss, prick your finger like a mob boss, I got samples from Japan so don’t even try to Shazam, need a six mil deal like the bionic man, until then I’m the marijuana man, hustle until I get a publishing deal, and the duffle is filled with a couple of mil then f**k it I’ll chill, life is rough but it’s fair, where am I going from here? Oh you know me from where?

Styles P (Verse 3)
Call it now or call it later, who’s the shit no bull no toilet paper, yeah it’s funk cause it stank from the dank or the beats and the rhymes that put money in the bank, honey I shrunk the kids but I don’t need a shrink if I got mad high and nutted in the sink, should’ve been the toilet but blame it on the drink, you can link with the cubans or get you a cuban link, I don’t wait on the weight, I’m not a waiter, unless there’s weight on the table hammer out and don’t nobody blink, nigga welcome to the shadows, smoke from the weed or smoke from the barrel