Fortes – Stay Gold Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Word to Tax “Be Safe Tho”, Forty in the studio, not the one with Drake though, I’m at D-Block, with a Draco, Kiss doing windmills I ain’t know he break yo, I was a B-Boy too back in the day yo, stay blessed, stay high, stay low, write down goals but the flows in my brain yo, it’s about getting money not fame bro, it’s a talent just to say no, I manage it like Wayno, drug dealer payroll, I ain’t just gonna trust you cause you say so, Forty got a dream, her name is Scottie Beam, Hot 97 team, what year is it? 2017? A lyricist without a clue like Em was, delirious I had to get off them drugs, I don’t get any mail I get sent bud, that’s it, just a brown package with a pound in it, you’re so high, how the hell are you so grounded Nick? Strain gang, I really like the sound of this, stay gold, on some outside shit

(Verse 2)
Respect the artistry baby, I’m not a narcissist baby, I’m not heartless or crazy, not a part of me lazy, I was born last part of the 80s, they ask why I dim my light, cause that’s what you do when something is bright