Harry Fraud – Serotonin Lyrics (feat. Skepta)

Know your surname
La musica de Harry Fraud

Who are they? I don’t know them, sittin’ there with their cameras open
Takin’ sneaky pics like paparazzi, they can’t wait to upload them
They’re dyin’ to post them (mental)
I catch ’em filming, I expose ’em, don’t play with my emotions
More THC, more serotonin, more THC, more serotonin
This ain’t a flow that is normally chosen
Still I get dark and turn into the Omen
Niggas say they got guns but don’t know how to load them
I talk to the shooter on text I never ever ever phone him

Yeah, yeah
Who gon’ beef with me?
How dare you have beef with me

…Alone in that darkness
Slowly, daylight crept in through the bandages and I can see
But something else had changed inside me