Idhun Season 3: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon?

Idhun Season 3: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon?

By Jay Kumar – Saturday, 9 January 2021, 0 12

Indian leaves us hungry with just five new episodes. Spanish cartoons are often compared to Japanese cartoons, but unlike them, it is too short! The fiction is adapted from the novels of Laura Gallego García, the ten episodes are inspired by the first two volumes. If the author has not written a third book, the continuation of the adventures of Jack and Victoria will never be published online. For Idhun season 3 to be produced by Netflix, it will first be necessary for the new part to achieve an excellent audience and for the literary works to allow the staging of an additional season.

We reveal to you all the information we currently have about Idhun season 3: release date, filming, casting, renewal …

At the end of the tenth episode, our three heroes set out in search of Ayas, the legendary sword. You will agree that this is not a satisfying ending because too many questions go unanswered. This is normal as there are two additional volumes! If you want to get them, they haven’t been translated into French yet, so you’ll need to understand Spanish. The books have risen in value since then has been on Netflix. The French version of the second novel titled ” The triad is currently estimated at 90 euros!”

Now that we know that the creator of the cartoon will have enough content to carry Idhun season 3, there’s only one thing left that will convince Netflix to order the sequel: the number of views. This stat is the one that will seal the fate of Victoria and Jack.

You should know that the streaming giant is very mysterious about its audiences, however, we have a technique that allows us to estimate the popularity of original creation. You just have to look at the ranking of the most popular content, if Idhun manages to reach at least fifth place then we can be 90% sure that there will be a season 3.

Has Netflix already planned the release date for Idhun season 3?

We only waited four months between the first and second parts of Idhun because all ten episodes were produced at the same time. The first season was simply split in half by the streaming platform. This allows you to take a break and analyze subscriber behavior. Will they still be present to see the second part? Will the five new episodes get off to a better start than in September? Netflix will soon have all the answers to your questions and will renew the cartoon only if it can be profitable.

Assuming the series achieves an excellent audience, we can assume that the Idhun season 3 release date will be September 2021. Therefore, the production teams will have nine months to run a new season. The advantage is that, unlike the series, the shoot will not be affected by possible confinement. You could still be late if, for example, one of the project members falls ill.

As soon as we have new information regarding the release date of Idhun season 3, this article will be automatically updated. In the meantime, know that Lupine season 2 will be launching soon on Netflix because the episodes have already been filmed.