Iniquity Rhymes – Blessed Lyrics

I wake up every morning, check my phone
To catch up on my messages and read all that you say
I used to feel alone, always tension never calm and
Afraid of what’s to come so why’s this smile on my face?

When I was younger I dreamt of aspiring to something
And music was the one thing that just brightened up my day
I dedicate this song to you, my subscriber, my friend
I once thought I was condemned but you took it all away

Now I journey through my life with confidence
I feel I’m worthy, like I can fight, my downfall was bottomless
But you’ve helped change my mindset, through these lyrics I can vent
My dominance was forged, no broken promises, success is prominent

So where do we go from here? Well look at me now
Do I come off as the type to quit? No, that I won’t allow
With your love and support, I’m above, no discord
And every evil force in this world? Man they’ll never knock me down