Jelly Roll – Pop Another Pill Lyrics (feat. Lil’ Wyte)

Been wantin to get a drumma drumma beat
Jelly Roll — Free Style
A – Game
I was born like this
This rap shits easy man
All you gotta do is tell the truth
It’s hard for some of y’all though huh?

[Jelly Roll]
Welcome to the dirty South
I’m the one you heard about
That white boy from the ville blew up from nuthin but word of mouth
I ain’t got no single no potential for the radio
I just got the hood behind me on top of a crazy flow
I’ll let that .380 go, better let your lady know
It’s a drought and I got more white than the Slim Shady show
Hold on let me stop a second shoot back to the top a second
How the f**k you pop bud he ain’t never drop a record
Yeah they say it’s smooth is, the way that I moved it
Pull up in the new benz the color of a blue 10
Talkin about a blue tint really I need five cause
Just to ease my mind I need at least three at a time for real

Let me pop another pill
Cause it’s the only thing that make my mind clear
Let me pop another pill
Cause it’s the only thing that really make me chill

[Lil Wyte]
Take one of me add some liquor syrup and some dro
Get two xanax bar crush’em up and pour’em down my throat
Pick me up shake me twice and put me right back on the flo’
Give me a half an hour and I’ll be higher than you would ever know
I’m too high f**k it no I’m not let’s go and get some mo
I’m on my heath ledger shit was that too soon? f**k you ho!
I’m the hypnotize minds joker always staying throwed
Now that Jelly’s down with Wyte music we going to get the dough
I’m the cracker he’s the jam now we bought to stack some cheese
Two of the hardest honkeys in the game and we rep Tennessee
We go’ing get it but for now let’s pop some pills and get fried
After all do you have any idea how many times I’ve died?


[Jelly Roll]
See it’s trouble Wyte beside me itching scratching from the codeine
Come on down to Cashville and everybody know me
Antioch to M-Town
Ask them boys I been down, I don’t need a chopper
Just a good shot and about 10 rounds
Really f**k my image, ain’t never been a gimmick
O.G. in my city like squeeky is to Memphis
Yeah the boys still tatted up pockets still fat as f**k
Team needs a home run they look at me like “batter up”
Lot of shits changed since I got with Wyte music
But now I’m stackin money like I’m motherf**kin jewish
Yeah jelly roll will do it, I’ll wake up and get to it
And A game is still my motherf**kin movement bitch