King Los – January 24th 2017 Lyrics

Hello, yeah
Yeah, I know
Hah, yeah
Yeah, I know
Yeah, don’t get it f**ked up
I know. Yeah, do-don’t get it f**ked..
‘Cause I know, ay, ay don’t get me f**ked up
‘Cause I.. hold up
King shit, look

[Verse 1]
I got a closet full of cool shit
Two strippers named strawberry
One got a cool whip, I’m buggin’ on my new shit
Fully connected to the Heaven inside
My god, it’s been a hell of a ride
I told the Devil “Goodbye”, bumpin’ Erykah Ba-du
Do you know you f**kin’ with a hell of a guy?
Young, intelligent, wise, humble, eloquent, fly
They say when “We gonna be Los”, I say “when elephants fly”
I’ll f**k around and save the world in one benevolent try
I got the swag of a nigga back in ’79
I hit the button for them Benjamins, put that in rewind
This shit about to be a movie, I’ll get better with time
Man I get letters from God, like “never let up your guard”
Long as they fighting you, head up, boy keep your head up in mar
I’m getting fed up with talk, watch how I set up this bar
Like it ain’t nothing personal, I’m just better than y’all
From lack of culture you won’t know this shit embedded in y’all
See having knowledge itself is the greatest blessing of all
Unless you evolve, you’d never confess you was lost
All these Jesuit Methodists, spreading prejudice laws
How could the spirit of the oppressors be better than ours?
You talking ’bout false prophets but serve irrelevant Gods
I know this level is hard, we’re only here for the test
You gotta meditate to elevate the spirit from flesh
And I ain’t nearly impressed
When I was quoting your shit
I couldn’t feel jack son, you need coachin’ and shit
Word to the culture I’m lit, lit like a wick of dynamite
Wicked your honor might
Try to give me a thousand year-sentence when I’m behind the mics spitting
We can take off, Face/Off like Travolta and Nick
You feel the voltage in this, you see the focus my nig
Who said they dope as the kid? Man quit the joking and shit
You got one foot in, one foot out, you Hokey Pokeying bitch
Your flow pussy, ovaries, Fallopian, clit
I’ll whip your ass on a track, say “It’s over” and dip