Lana Del Rey – What Can I Say Lyrics

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Verse 1
Feeling I’m losing my mind shook
Dont know the time still on the grind
Putting my heart on a line look
Selling my life all for a dime
Putting my thoughts in a rhyme book
Hoping one day that I shine good
Before any day that I die fuck
Love you like you be alive ugh
They tell me you never forgotten
Feeling like I really lost it
But all of this rap shit is bullshit like couldn’t we tell all the children to focus on schooling
Maybe that’s how we can make an improvement in lives of our people all over the world
Instead you telling me dirt
Like how you fuck all of my girls
Y’all niggas just treat em like objects that’s isn’t what women deserve
She loved you before you the word on the street but you pluck her like she ain’t a bird
Then you turn around and fuck her best friend
Who am I kidding women be snakes too
They barely hold hands they ain’t got no crew
They ain’t got no clue, without any unity you cannot make any moves
Nobody eats when the family feuds
That is the reason I move with a trio who bare many fruits and are solid right down to the roots
Wisdom for when I’m confused
Trust and a whole lotta truth
They wouldn’t just walk in my shoes
My niggas would gimme new boots

Everyday it’s the same old shit
Niggas hate and we still dont click
Tryna start beef I ain’t on that shit
Girls childish still play tricks
Everybody wanna say 2 cents
Top 10 and you ain’t on it?
Hitting me up “ayo bruh what you think” what the fuck do I think?

I just put gran in a grave
Lately ain’t feeling okay
Tears they be all on my face
What the fuck do you want me to say

[I be dealing with real shit]

(Verse 2)
And your nonsense just ain’t it
You gotta stop quick cuz I cut off niggas bitches go too family too
Why you be looking confused your vibe to me is just straight up abuse
You always be giving me negative thoughts always pessimistic I don’t wanna kick it
I just wanna focus be more persistent be more consistent be more progressive like Pac or Cole
Do you understand that you gotta go
I need a lotta Precision
And that is the reason ain’t smoking no more
So my vision be open with focus my soul for the lord
Yes I keep you in prayers but I also pray you dont open my door
Like Grant could you help me with this shit and that shit opnions and bullshit and something and nya nya and nya nya and nya nya and you saying nothing
And ugh you be making me bored
Fuck out my face
Don’t you just hate it when people just stay in one place
Then they call you for favours like I ain’t been saving for chasing my dream
I just gotta be real
I wear my heart on my sleeve
You wear your heart on Gucci
I’m here to bare many fruits and you full of greed
Shazam with the uh they better know me
Lighting inside of my body
Even on days that I grive