Mark Consuelos Hits Slopes With Wife Kelly Ripa After Heated Wrestling Video Goes Viral simply focus

Published By Anoj Kumar

Monday, 23 December 2019,

Modified Date: Monday, 23 December 2019,

The previous time Mark Consuelos was in the headlines this week, his demeanor was much different.

Video showing the Riverdale star storming the mat throughout his son’s wrestling match and being forcibly led off made the rounds on the weekend, giving fans a view of the former soap opera star they haven’t seen.

However, he and his wife Kelly Ripa have achieved a complete turn since the heated moment.

As they ready to hit the slopes Ripa shared a photo of Consuelos in garb.

The photo reveals her husband dressed in winter gear and sporting a pair of skis adorned with Mexico’s flag.

A snapshot was shared by Consuelos in the elevator as part of his Instagram Story while Ripa doesn’t create an appearance on her accounts.

Also, he commended his skis.

It is a far more peaceful time for your tv family.

Both were allegedly on hand for the wrestling match on Long Island to watch 16-year-old Joaquin compete.

But shortly after the game seen in the movie began, Joaquin had his headgear along with a match that occurred.

The incident between the two boys was a surprise for all those watching but Consuelos‘ choice attempt to shield his son and to storm the mat might be more surprising.

He was stopped short of touching either boy but needed to be held back and directed away from the floor.

Ripa allegedly was calm off into the side the young boys involved in the match that sparked the incident showed great sportsmanship and both.

Consuelos was so angry after the incident that he had to leave the gym for hours and did not return until close to the conclusion of this tournament.

A fantastic example is the family Christmas card that Ripa shared earlier in the week.

While it is a specialist and fancy, it showed just how close and happy the family appears to be.

It’s a far cry from the fiery display we saw in the video shared with TMZ.

It was a rare heated second for Consuelos and family.

The view fans get of this Riverdale celebrity and family is self-aware and positive about the aspects of family life.