Mesmur – Singularity Lyrics

Cloud of stellar dust
Burning, expanding
Seeking entropy
Craving singularity

Aeons bound in chains
Of ultraviolet fire
Slave to equilibrium
Progenitor of chaos

Accretion, friction, expulsion, release
Discarding the broken cage of light
Gravitational collapse
Dying to be reborn in a sovereign darkness

Distorting, bending
Inner paths converge
Quantum foam
A temple of anti-matter

A pillar of creation
Astral evolution
A new existence, a new dimension
Infinite knowledge borne of the void
Cast away the toxic light
Cast away stability
Farewell to a dead sun
Farewell to silent kings

Tidal forces
Rip apart the heavens
A self-sustaining vacuum
Flaying time and space

Welcome new life
Event horizon
No light provided
No warmth required
Freedom borne of cold