Name The Band – Cotton Candy Lyrics

I’ll try to put all in this letter
Don’t know anything ’bout you
We could talk about the weather
Don’t know if we’ll meet someday
And I hope that I’ll have something to say to you

I’m here again crossing the desert
Thinking about your pink hue
Sometimes distance doesn’t matter
Wondering what you did all day
I’m feeling a little gray

And I can only wait for your reply
(That’s) all I can do
And I cannot pronounce your name the way it’s supposed to
So far away, and I’m here without a clue

But I don’t wanna waste your time
And waste my time
And waste my time
And waste your time again

I heard that Libra matches Taurus
But I don’t care if that’s true
(I) don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow
I’m driving across the void
And I’ve never heard your voice