Napoleon Da Legend – You Know My Mix Lyrics

[verse: Napoleon Da Legend]
How you tame a beast?
These rappers ain’t the guys that they claim to be
At ya shows, but you ain’t the one we came to see
You can try to blackball you’ll see there’s no restraining me
Many before yourself learned that lesson painfully
That’s a tall task like Wilt Chamberlain on top of stilts
You still crying cause the milk pot spilt?
Black Ops skill with that Pac feel you miss
Bystanders they come to film us it’s as real as it gets
My sense of urgency great see me murdering tapes
All them dudes lying on wax should catch a perjury case
Got the perfect pace words perfectly placed got the gun barrel held perpendicular to ya face….

Millenium griot not a civilian
Chick I roll with is thick like the skin of a reptilian
No David Icke, paid show tonight, zeitgeist, poltergeist, you shining? My eyesight is broke tonight
I must have miss it, he must have took it like I dissed him then again
I must have flustered him, it must be cause I’m gifted

I’m much more simplistic then I used to be I’m uber-ly beautifully Superhuman and I speak it truthfully
I used to stress like the Sudanese true success for me is waking up those slept on me true indeed
Rude awakening my attitude is play to win
I’m 22 for 22 and now dudes is caving in
My dreams feature would be rocking joints with Capleton
And until then I’m be surfing waves on Ableton
Going off script with scribe these promoters want dibs
Knock ya conscious unconscious when my rocket launcher launches
Still nonchalant, rap martial arts call Shallah Mashallah used to be a lost cause now I’m on
Peace to the Gods , Guru and Preem, super supreme
All I know is take it to the extreme
Like Noble Drew Ali
And it was all a dream once but it’s real now
Never step inside the devil realms with ya shield down
Blood of a slave with the heart of king
Put ya best foot forwards not as hard you think
Jodeci sing