$not – Champion Lyrics

Wave God

Ayy, why these niggas f*ck with me?
Is it ’cause I’m in the clouds, higher than a king?
When I’m on the ground, I stay ten toes down
Mama said, “Keep yo’ shirt tucked,” but I always have a frown
Nigga so wavy, he about to drown
Don’t ever trust no bitch, don’t ever let a nigga clown
If he do, then bust a clip and shoot a couple rounds
I will stand tall, I won’t ever fall down
Get that fake shit away from me when I’m around
Liu Kang, kick a nigga all the way from Chinatown

Blood stains on a nigga shirt
f*ckin’ reddish-brown, got Rihanna on my wrist
Hit it like it’s Chris Brown, I’ma fly high, mane
I’ma find a way, make sure I ain’t traced from another universe
Outer space, get that money every day
Or even someday, flex a nigga like he in ballet
You can see my diamonds shinin’ firm, in display
I won’t ever leave, bitch, I’m here to stay, bitch, I stay strong
I’m a Champion, I’m a heavyweight (Ayy)