$not – Pull Up Lyrics

Ayy (Hey, listen)
Pull up, pull up
Pull up, pull up, ayy
Pull up, pull up, ayy
Ayy, [?]
Haha, ayy
Ayy, yuh

[Verse 1]
Okay, I’m drivin’ in my coupe, windows tinted, black and blue
Ice on my neck and my shoes, took one bitch and then it’s two
Pull up to yo’ shop, we juice, diamonds shock like Pikachu
Cruisin’ in a foreign then we pull up in a Subaru
Bands up all up in my feet, ridin’ all up in her waist
I ain’t got no time to waist, bitch, tell me where you stay
Shawty, give me dome and face, happy birthday to my nigga
‘Cause he turned twenty-two, and his name f*ckin’ Glock
Push this nigga’s shit back ‘cause he’s too f*ckin’ hot
Yeah, these niggas talkin’ shit so we pull up to his block
Took his bitch at her window ‘cause I threw a f*ckin’ rock

I can’t f*ck with no nigga ‘cause he snitchin’ to the opps
In New York I Milly Rock, bitch, where the drugs at
Bitch, I hide it in my sock, bitch, I got anything you want
Just meet me at the stop (okay, Hey, listen)

Pull up, vro, pull up

[Verse 2]
Okay, I pull up in a Wraith, diamonds yellow, lemonade
Ray-Bans on my eyes for shade, bitch, I’m ballin’ like I’m Wade
Cut these niggas with my blade, you a p*ssy ass nigga
You ain’t ready for this fade, you a bitch, suck my dick, okay
Slob on my knob like corn on the cob
Then do yo’ job, okay, get this f*ckin’ guap, okay
Bands fallin’ out my pocket every time I walk
If it ain’t about the money then I don’t wanna talk

p*ssy ass niggas