Novelists Fr – Rain Lyrics

It’s coming in waves, just breathe
And keep your eyes closed
Let it bury you
I know you will be alright

It comes like the rain
Don’t think and keep your eyes closed
‘Till the clouds are gone
You’ll see, it’ll be just fine

Conjure this feeling of solitude
A thousand screens on the wall
Lay down the cross of your onism
Burning you down to the roots

Don’t thrill when it slowly takes you under
And the flames all around are climbing higher

Can’t keep on taking the suffering
Over and over again
And feel you’re just a shadow on the wall
Can’t shed your soul and pretend you heal
Over and over again everyday
This is a battle against your heart
This is a war against yourself

Don’t let all your doubts
Consume everything you know
Feel your heart
Don’t let the world prevent you
From making it your own
Feel your heart