Paul Gordon – I’m A Beast Lyrics

[Jerusha Abbott]
You never answer any of my questions
You never show the slightest bit of interest
In my life, in my letters or my feelings
You are not the man that you appear to be

And I don’t know a single thing about you
Not your name, nor your face nor your family
Do you care if I’m living or I’m breathing?
Do you dare to toss it all away?
Every word I say? Just because you pay for me?

Are they for me?

I’m a beast
I’m a burden, Daddy
Please forgive what I said
I was mean
I was mad
Oh, but, Daddy
I’m no good at being bad

I was hurt
I was wounded, Daddy
I believed you didn’t care
Oh, I cried all night long
Oh, but, Daddy
I’m so happy being wrong

I thought I imagined you, Daddy
And now I know your technique
You don’t have to answer my letters
If you burn the one
I sent last week

You are real
You’re a person, Daddy
And I pledge with all my heart
I will make a success
Oh, ’cause, Daddy
I’m unhappy being less

I want so much
To impress