Place Vendome – Break Out Lyrics

[Magnus Karlsson]
When you’re all alone
And your door is closed
The dark is taking over
It’s hard to keep the faith
And you’re feeling weak
You never wanna wake up
Whatever happened before
It will all fade away
It won’t stay like this forever
I know all gonna change tonight
A brand new day will come
We’re gonna break out
I have no doubt
That tonight we all gonna be free
We will tear down these walls
We will break our chains
No more reasons to stay
They gonna hunt us
Everyone wants us
But we are already far away
We will run for our lives
And we’ll never look back
Now or never
It’s time break out
The life is way too short
Can’t you understand
We can’t hide forever
Don’t matter where we go
We will always know
We didn’t waste our life