Prodigy – Death Sentence Lyrics (feat. Roc Marciano)

Morning of the day, evening of the killer kids
City of the Gods, money stack pyramids
Esoteric knowledge and I’m criminal minded
A lady’s wet dream and the devil’s worst nightmare
Cause so help me God
I will exorcise demons see ’em scheming real hard
Pop the cork on the Perignon, or turn the Henny on
Spit my timeless flow, my priceless lexicon
Get at you like the Zetas when it comes to cheddars
I set traps, I’m a predator, I pray I catch a
Black Mafiosi, rogue vigilante
The shit is sad but it get me real trigger happy (ha!)
So keep talkin’ that ho shit
And I’mma part your 360 waves like Moses
And get the Red Sea flowin’
That’s an awful lot of blood
Look at how it keep pourin’

[Hook: Prodigy (Roc Marciano)]
Shit is very real kid keep your eyes open
(Stay on point stay sharp keep your mind focused)
This is all I got, this is everything
(We on the grind for that paper nigga everyday)
But this one not for money, this one for the power
(Wash niggas up, throw ’em in them lead showers)
Just to get a rep, that be just for future reference
(This your final warning bitch, the next’ll be your death sentence)

[Roc Marciano]
I banged a billionaire heiress on the terrace
I’m from terrace, my sellers twist vanillas
Switch bellas, the chain thick big as Precious
Miss Texas with the Lexus, disgruntled exes
Squeeze tecs, ambidextrous
The team repped it, clean the skeptic
Peep the sketches, keys to heavens
Open the gates, choke the snake at a slow pace
Drain the venom
My waves is spinnin’, clean paper in my favorite denim
My lady friend came from Finland, I’m a gremlin
The charge is pending, I’m on the run, I’m gettin’ winded
Duckin’ agents, cover acres, stuck in the Matrix
Buck naked, rush to touch bacon
When I awaken, the soul’s taken
They need straightenin’
Let’s get the safe fill it with Franklins
Spend the Lincolns
The Rolls Rolley look pinkish
We think it’s frost bitten fingers
The law’s written there in English