Prodigy – In Heaven’s Home Lyrics (feat. Roc Marciano)


The days past swiftly, the months come and go
And we’ve only one life, one chance to do good
We need to remind ourselves, daily, that the only thing
That really matters; is what we do for Christ…

[Verse 1: Prodigy]

Black hearted nigga, tales from the dark side, facts when I rap, foul shit of course
I don’t mind if I do shoot a few birds down, nigga I’m a vulture & they’re just canary clowns
How they got fans, to me? Is mind boggling, I’m extremely good with rap, they know what time it is
Half past 187; 9/11 it’s too late, the food I ate? They need reverends, body of Christ
Face of a playboy, throw me to the hoes; I show love with great voice
DSL mouth, she’s a bad bitch, I’d take her to the house, sex & hardcore rapper; new vice
She hang around me too much; I’ll breathe life, where there’s lack there of
All the shoot outs & drama, it excites her

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]

Face the mirror, taste the syrup; spray gear up and relocate to Europe
Me? I await the spirit, my wound’s favored; can’t heal it, my game loose they can’t hem it
Ralph Lauren linen Lauren London, Flooring Lambs’ down on Linden; let a nigga flourish
Lord forgive me for my sins; drive BM’s, condominiums is 3M’s Tres bien
The B.M. sucked the D.M. by 8pm, I beat the pussy like I’m fresh outta the P-E-N
The G-E-M on the team I’m like the G.M. you see him, trips to the Caribbean
I’m peeing on your well-being, load the van; 10 bricks from Medellin
That’s enough snow to go skiing, I’m O.D.’n…it’s no B.S


Praise to the Lord, the King of King’s
He has risen, he has risen