Rahmaan – Pyaarhawaas, Interlude Lyrics (feat. Remo)

I can see you in my reflection
I thought that you and I were destined
I can see you in my reflection
Maybe I should find someone to

[Verse 1]
Lay it on me, f**k the peace
Lemme know wasgwaanin, keep it brief
You say you’re sorry, you at ease
But it’s cause of you that I’ve been losin sleep, now

[Verse 2]
I just flipped the switch on like every chick I f**ked with
Tings all inna six, they ain’t shit, they too sus
Bitch, I been with the shits, ninety-six, they can’t touch this
You prolly on some mid, but I promise I can make you come alive

Do I need pyaar, pyaar, pyaar
Or do I need hawaas?