Rod Wave – Thief In The Night Lyrics

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(Trillo Beats, you did it again)
(Drell’s on the track)

Okay, we ridin’ ’round strapped
You can tell I did this before (Pra)
You can tell I’ve been here before (Yeah)
‘Fore I go to sleep, I ask God for a miracle
Need help healin’ my soul
We break up to make up, this won’t be our first time (No, no, no)
Our second or our third time
Said some things, I said some things, I hurt your feelings and you hurt mine
Lord knows that you hurt mine
Okay, I told them niggas, “Play with it” (Prr)
Got my .5 on me, I stay with it (Yah)
Revolver gang, we pull up, drop, and get away with it, days with it
Better tell them boys to pay attention ’cause stains are different
Be lost in my thoughts, bae, I’m trippin’
Made her fall in love, then beg for distance
She told me that I’m wrong for that
She told me that I’m wrong for that
She leavin’ and she’s never comin’ back
This won’t be the first time
Ayy, movin’ like a thief in the night, yeah (No, no, no)
I love your love, but I can’t seem to get it right (No, no, no)
Guess I’ll just re-roll the dice (Yeah)
This won’t be the first time
He played some games and he died (Pra)
I’m sorry you fought off the pain to your life (No, no, no)
She left without saying goodbye
This won’t be my first time (First time)
This won’t be my first time (Be my first time)

Yeah, mhm
Woah, no, no, no
No, no, no, oh (This shit for real, bro)
And this won’t be my first time
No, no, no (You know what I’m sayin’, homie?), no, no, no, no, no, yeah, mhm
Grra, grata