Scarlett Rose – Raw Lyrics

(Verse 1)
All these days I’m crying
Was I trying?
I’m not who I wanted to be
As the lights are flashing
They are laughing
That girl was supposed to be me

Lolita in town
All the boys around
Girls pushing me down
Not getting my crown
Skip class to make out
Stand out in the crowd
See them from a cloud
Im crazy? Find out!
See guys over there?
Get wasted to get
Ugly horse cause they
Can’t get girls like m!
You ready for this?
Dont I give you chills?
Then it’s all about me, me, me!

For the first time
Aiming to the top, Scar!
I’m a pop star
Married to a rockstar
Facing my scars
Never felt so gangsta
I’m a gangsta
Honestly, a gangsta

I’m invading
Breaking hearts tonight
Bitches fading
“Since you love to cry…”
Started playing
Cause it’s time, ya basta!
I’m a gangsta
Honestly, a gangsta

(Verse 2)
Has my youth been stolen?
What’s my goal then?
I ain’t seeking pity from men
So I am no other
Got your brother
Same shirt, let’s see who wins then



I’ve been touched by spirits
From pretty new winners
I was looking at the wrong side

Compared to these people
Battling sleep pills
What if we hang out for a while?

(Chorus x2)