Shamana – Aint Been Home Lyrics


[Verse 1]
OK uh
She said you ain’t been home all day
Bitch it’s been a long day
Shut yo f**kin’ mouth and count this money its gon take all day
Sorry I’m not sorry
Still got warrants
Look outside my driveway and I ain’t seen a Rari
The stakes too high plus I’m way too high (ok!)
Pull up in that Rari and watch these bitches show out (ok!)
She gon tell a lie (ok!)
He gon tell a lie (ok!)
Number don’t… No I won’t (uh ok!)
Smokin’ blunts and taking flight
Please pray for me at night
Man I should of left these niggas, Some of these niggas ain’t actin’ right
Im in the whip sleep (aye)
I get cash and leave (aye)
Plus I’m on this lean (aye)
She came with you and left with me
Damn (x6)