Silkworm – Into The Woods Lyrics

Come on honey it’s time for some time away
We have the technology today
That excuse to be prisoned to try try to gain your freedom

Go into the woods and live with the bears
That way you can kill someone and nobody cares
And when we’ve had enough then it’s time to ascend into heaven

If my machine’s not enough then we’ll use your bone
And if your bone’s not enough then we’ll use my lyrical homicide
And if my crime’s not enough then we’ll use our mouth

Come on honey let’s play with the matches
You bought a new set just in time for the new year
I gotta see what this goddamn town looks like flaming in a firefight

No cheap history baby that i don’t need
But you learned enough to know the revolution’s gonna make you bleed
Gonna see your bourgeoise blood staining my white shirt

And if war is not enough then we’ll try to find you
Another reward i know it’s gonna bind you to me
To me to me and i know and i know
It’s gonna bind you to me
It’s gonna bind you to me