State Lines – Water Song Lyrics

We watched an ocean fall apart
Right from the comforts of your front porch
There I thought to myself
“You and I should construct a small boat.”
And from there we’d sail to find the youth
From those days that we seem to have left behind
But just as fast as our ship would float
We would sink beneath the ocean from the holes in the floor which we had both poked
And we would sink slow
Just as the water purged herself
Onto the shore we took cover hiding underneath your floor
And what a mistake we both had made
As the water rose to our necks we soon knew it’d be our dying day
You were on your knees, calling for your mother
Oh, the irony of you and me always trying to drown one another

[Chorus] x5
Just keep your head up and know that you were strong
Or say the word and I’ll take you back where you belong