Sybyr – Buckle Down Lyrics

I swear I will be a solo act
If these motherf**kers don’t catch with their act
I got some bread, I won’t do it, I won’t care (Yuh)

Walk in the store, I be buyin’ water
Winter comin’, ready for the slaughter
Fury mode, like in Brawlhalla
Ready for the wind like an F5
You be steppin’ into hellfire
Careful now, might be landmines
Havin’ issues with these ‘scriptions
I’m poppin’ pills like the shits’ fine
Took a vacation, a weekend to beat
Usually walkin’ around to go eat
They be like “What is the price for the feat?”
I need a rack, a rack at least
Ever be swimmin’ inside with the sharks?
You be like “No, I’m afraid of the dark”
I cannot help, you lil’ niggas retarded
Moves we be makin’ you watch and you bothered
Now, there’s all-new talk, new drama, this and that
Have to be mindful who I’m helpin’ gettin’ bags
Real shit, it’s gettin’ foggy in this path
Road rage, niggas seem to wanna crash
I see different ways of how they lock and latch
Like a tick and drainin’ everythin’ right out, includin’ cash
Tighter grip around the table seein’ everythin’ in blasts
I hear all the stories it don’t add up like some f**kin’ math
I’m not even mad y’all need a grip and f**kin’ money
I can bear see the misery I know cause shit be funny
I ain’t doin’ another round of this again but don’t believe me
Rather glow up in the dark and steal the night, then you can see me

Aight, aight, aight, I mean, shit, that wasn’t a full song
But you know, got what you wanted out that shit