Sybyr – Roll Mission Lyrics (feat. Landfill)

I’m on a roll
I’m on a roll
I’m on a roll

I’m on a roll, get all this dough, f**k is it here for if it ain’t getting up [?]
Come all this Goyard, these hunnids and fifties, get off your knees babe do this shit quickly, quickly, yeah
Came out the bed today, all my goodness where am I going to stay
Buy myself another hour, before I give in to
Society’s mission, leave me, defeat me, eat me, dissolve me
Defeat me, it’s easy
Come on then, we’re on the roll and
Goaling, bowling, control all these fifties and hunnids and sixties
Gotta get the mission, gotta get these [?] mission, let’s get it
Not gonna do the, do the job, no
I still got interest in gates, shit just pops open, yeah
And I’m on a mission to get all these inches [?]
Beat in these [?], get then these [?]
Yeah, gotta get it now, hey come on we on the ground, yeah we on the ground
Yeah get out of town, everyday’s going down [?]
Yeah, all these hunnies and fifties, get it swiftly, quickly, quickly, Yeah