Sybyr – Whoa Freestyle Lyrics

(I got that uh)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
I was drinking, uh
I was flipping out my f**king mind like tripping (Ooh, ooh)
Kinda tweaking with these mothaf**kin’ weekends (What they do)
Gotta get a whole bunch done before next weekend (Oh that’s right)
Gotta get a project done before we get to leapin’ (Uh)
Gotta a little progress on my report card (Yah)
Call it all A, got a little C’s on the day (Day)
Got a little quarters on the day (Day)
Quarters in the day (Day)
Put a little quarter on the tray, uh huh (Okay)
Let’s see L.A, ayy

Let’s open up for the dude (Ooh)
Let’s open up for the foo (Ooh)
Let’s open up for the truth (Ooh)
Thinkin’ that somebody new (Ooh)
Listen to my little foo (Goddamn)
Thinkin’ that somebody foo (Foo)
I got the codes in crypt (Crypt)
I got the codes encrypt (Encrypt)

[Verse 2]
I got the codes encrypt (Yuh)
Keepin’ that shit zip (Zip)
We do not talk about it (Nah)
It is something that we dip (Zip)
f**kin’ around on the keyboard (Kip)
Takin’ somebody keyboard (Dip)
Takin’ somebody keyboard (Nah)
I got a brand new keyboard (Uh, uh)

Whoa, whoa
Where’d he- where’d he go?
Slow-mo, with that, flow
Whoa, whoa
Where’d he go?
So Moe? Like, what is yah goal?
Whoa, whoa, what he doin’?
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Prolly’ chillin’, oh, oh, oh
Eat shit, hoe, oh, oh-oh
Eat shit