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Tyler, The Creator – CRUST IN THEIR EYES Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator]
Ayo, ayo
It’s like 3 AM in Denmark

[Chorus: Yasiin Bey]
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Spirit, movin’ around, just movin’ around
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts
Spirit, yeah, that’s the king

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
My sister called the other day and said she loved me, wassup?
I called her back and said
I’m sorry that I don’t say it enough
See I don’t put up a front
I just say what I want, nigga
Never let a nigga tell me I couldn’t stunt
Pro black but this twink white
I’ll sign if the ink right
Two cribs, I can sleep twice
Niggas swear they woke but got crust in their eyes
They can’t blink right
These nigga fakes confident and fake show how they feel
Then go home and big cry ’cause their acne is real
Show them scars motherfucker
How you think they gon’ heal up?
Scab ass niggas fucking up all the deals
I got niggas tryna slander me
That I knew from the start
But I can’t do it back to them
It ain’t no hate in my heart
Y’all Stephen Hawkings with the way that y’all make moves (rip)
But I’ma flip the channel on you niggas
Just tuned and watch em
I’m the real Fresh Prince new crib in Bel Air
And I feel so free, the cheetah print in my hair
Rainbow on the belt, gang shit yeah yeah
Hopped out that bitch
Had to make some room for my furs
Niggas picking out there victims
Hot potato, hot potato
Tryna’ cancel me on twitter
But got limits on ya’ data
Tell the engineer to turn me all the way up on the faders
Because everything I’m dropping hot as fuck like clumsy waiters

[Chorus: Yasiin Bey]
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Spirit, movin’ around, just movin’ around
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts
Spirit, yeah, that’s the king

Lil Yachty – Freestyle on Funk Flex Lyrics

Nigga, free Reese, free Nino
The world is mine like I’m Al Pacino
Got more money than a lil’ casino
Got caught fuckin’ on a bitch and her boyfriend walked in wearin’ full Chinos
Hopped out the back door, ran a four flat
That was like way back
Nowadays I just sit and laugh
Chopstick long as one giraffe
And I’m comin’ through, clear the whole path
Walked in the damn spot, it was all… team of niggas, fuck the whole staff
Goddamn, nigga, too playa
Why you hate? ‘Cause I’m too rare
Young nigga, I’m a fresh prince, coulda bought a crib out in Bel Air
Fuckin’ on a bitch from Delaware
$30,000 on a new coat, call PETA up, gon’ and soak it in
Tag still hangin’ from it, had it for a year and I ain’t even broke it in
Diamond choker so tight, tried to lift it up, shit did not go over chin
In the studio with Migo gang, everything we make is propane
Call ten bitches from the Blue Flame
Fuck ’em all, we ain’t even know their name
Front row at the ball game
Who that is dunkin’? Shit, that’s what’s his name
I don’t even fuckin’ watch sports but my backyard like a golf course
Niggas hatin’, on my dick and shit, I got more guns than a task force
When I talk, my voice kinda high
Niggas hatin’ usually sound kinda hoarse
My ex-bitch is built like a horse, she was 27, I was 19
Shawty there was a real stallion
But I ain’t trust her, feel like shawty there was wildin’
Young nigga, bitch, I’m QC, you can see this shit through the gold medallion
After this I’m out to Staten Island, got a young bitch, she be really stallin’
My young nigga tote a dirty K, I call him Dirty Dan, he’ll flip your van
Kick your door hard as Jackie Chan
Take your chain right up off your nightstand, lil’ nigga

Mike Stud – Big Man Lyrics

This is what I wanted to do
This is what I wanted to do

She off white like Virgil, get good brain like Urkel
She loves Steve I’m certain, she loves me I’m certain
Circle tight like virgins, my crib like the circus
My room got no curtains, but I did that on purpose
Cause fuck the neighbors what I’m sayin’ while I’m fuckin’ ’em
I can fuck with everybody sayin’ fuck ’em
Fool me, I can’t change nothing, different day but it’s the same subject
Barely see the light of day, never leave the house, somehow it rains money
Yeah, got a late start but I’m aging well
I don’t play much but I play the well
I don’t take much but I take it well
You too straight, don’t chase the real, can’t chase the real
Ya, I’m tryna get it while I’m here but I’m fuckin’ (?) like I’m Dave Chappell
Well, spent last year in a lawn chair
It’s quite clear we belong here
Even my weed went Hollywood
With all these crystals and long hair
Can’t get broke, but I left rich
Now I’m out in Bel Air like I’m Fresh Prince
In 2017 got my numbers right
Got seven bathrooms and a 10 bitch

Big man on campus, big man on campus
Big man on campus, big man, big man
Big man on campus, yeah, big man on campus

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Wants Fourth Child Via Surrogate

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have baby fever.

After welcoming their daughter Chicago West via a surrogate mother last week, the couple is reportedly considering a fourth child again via a surrogate mother, People reported. The couple shelled out $45,000 last year to pay an unnamed female to carry the newest addition to their family and with plenty living space in their new mega-mansion in Bel Air. Of course, that’s pocket change for Kanye who is worth over a $100 million.

“Even before Chicago was born, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to carry her next baby,” sources told People. “She’s so happy with the whole process and thrilled with the surrogate.” The insider confirmed that the G.O.O.D. Music rapper is already on board with the idea and was even bonding with the surrogate father inside the delivery room last week Monday. “Kim definitely wants more kids,” added the source. “She is so happy being a family of five. She wants the family to get even bigger!”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian decided that they wanted more kids after the reality star went through a complicated pregnancy with their son Saint. She has a condition known as placenta accreta which is a life-threatening condition that complicates her second pregnancy.

While she contemplates extending her family, Kim Kardashian’s growing empire is keeping her busy. On February 1st, she will be launching her Kimoji Heart fragrances which arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. Kanye is also keeping himself busy with his upcoming album currently in production. He is also contributing to other artists albums like the upcoming Migos LP Culture 2, where he is listed on the production credits. There is no word from him yet on when his new project will arrive, but fans are hoping to see it sometime this year. Leave your comments below.

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