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Doe Boy – 956 Nights (feat. DJ Esco)

[Intro: Doe Boy]
If Esco don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you
If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you
You know how we rockin’ for young Future man

[Hook: Doe Boy]
I got 56 shots, nigga play with Esco
Choppers start boomin’, nigga play with Metro
But nah this ain’t no Metro, this a beat by Lex though
FBG the gang, bitch come sign to Death Row

[Verse: Doe Boy]
This ain’t gangsta rap, I’m just bringing hood back
Let a savage in the game, I make ’em feel like Suge back
All my niggas shoot straps, sell dog and cook crack
He a pussy with some money so you know we took that
9-1-1, the streets need me
The streets love Beezy ’cause the streets believe me
Bitch my hoe card don’t exist
Cross and you gon’ meet the stick
Bitch we riding like a Lyft
Wit guns we can barely lift
Bitch I’m flexin’, I’m cappin’, you lackin’, I’m jackin’
I pull out this cannon, demanding, not asking
You rappin’, not trapping, I’m savage, you acting
You taxing, they snatching, they pull up, get active
Why these pussies tryna beef, I’m not even in they reach
Got some youngins tryna eat, I’ll feed you to the streets
Oh these niggas think it’s sweet? where you at, I’m tryna link
Got that draco on the seat, make ’em JuJu on that beat
Hopped in da Audi, shooting then I’m outty
Niggas at my neck but I got all these goons around me
Broke niggas bore me, you can fight this .40
Magazine clip, I’ll let it tell a story
Ridin’ through the trenches but we pulling up in Porsches
Shooter on the streets but go to jail and get extorted
That’s why I don’t need the MAC
This the truth, it ain’t a rap
Last nigga ran up on me on the Fam, he took a nap
He ain’t really ’bout that life that pussy boy just talk that
Fifty thousand ’round my neck, I swear yo life don’t cost that
I can’t pay that boy attention ’cause he ain’t no boss yet
I got niggas that catch bodies they just ain’t get caught yet
Hold on

[Hook: Doe Boy]
I got 56 shots, nigga play with Esco
Choppers goin’ boomin’, nigga play with Metro
But nah this ain’t no Metro, this a beat by Lex though
FBG the gang, bitch come sign to Death Row

[Outro: Doe Boy]
Streets need me nigga
Gang gang

Asher Roth – Wu Financial Lyrics

[Intro: Asher Roth]
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
Ayo styles upon styles upon style upon styles
Ain’t seen a blond this hot since Barb Wire
Since Limewire been downloading illegally
Ain’t bought a CD since like 2003
Nah everything’s speeding
Gravity in 3D
Many think we cheated and beat it with Game Genie
PlayStation triple play ’98
New York Yanks, San Diego Padres
Nowadays everybody on a X-Box
Generation X triple H trying to X pop
Let’s smoke pot while we guessing who’s the next Pac
Best top, left breast, save it for the desktop
Rest stop while the truckers getting liquorish
Hard to give a fuck when you barely even give a shit
Look at me I’m egotist
Sipping on that regal piss
Doing shit illegal, get a giggle, hearing people bitch

[Verse 2]
[?] put a slight bend in my bill
Black grand national turn and twisting my wheel
[?] full clip when I steer
The Helly Hansen bubble fitted case it’s chilly in here
Rest in peace Uncle Phil, the big willy, the wheel of fortune
The real deal bruh’s really doing numbers
Posion [?] with the Air Max [?] summer
The ’97 Hummer
[?] the deck though
On the set though

[Verse 3: Asher Roth]
You get no respect hoe
Presto, bless the Pats without Bledsoe
This was ’94 bet that I’d be signed to Death Row
Flying in the [?] jet though
Best rolled, sip red cup with [?]

[Verse 4]
Man this how it’s about to go down
My yayo in a snow mound
I swan dived into it, the time bomb [?]
[?] make you wanna keep [?]
To rip into your ass if you think about some action
Splash ’em
Baby Busch Garden at the crib
Keep the lemur in the living room
I know where you live nigga
You ain’t even got no WiFi
[?] Willy Wonka
Pocket down Diddy in the middle of his concert
While lifting up some titties so big they make my arms hurt
Finally Fantasy update on the X-Box 3
Take a hour and a half, take a shower and a bath
And a walk around the park and the shits still ain’t stop yet
Anniversary boxset edition I got
Cost 11 hundred dollars and I’m missing some shit