Vikings: How did the real Ivar the Boneless die?

Vikings: How did the real Ivar the Boneless die?

By Jay Kumar – Saturday, 9 January 2021, 0 11

Vikings are available on Netflix! If you want to know how did the real Ivar die? , keep reading! The last episodes of Vikings ended the stories of the sons of Ragnar. But not all continue after the events of the series. The series’ main antagonist, Ivar the Boneless, met his fate at the end of season 6. But how does his death among the Vikings compare to the end of season 6? right Ivar the Boneless? Created by Michael Hirst, Vikings debuted on the History Channel in 2013, and although it was originally intended to be a miniseries. It was quickly renewed for a second season. The series has ended after six seasons filled with action, drama, and betrayal, especially among families.

Vikings have changed direction throughout their journey. And first, he followed the legendary Norse character Ragnar Lothbrok and his travels and raids alongside his Viking brothers, including his royal brother, Rollo. And his best friend and boat builder, Floki. The series then focused on the sons of Ragnar and his travels and battles, with special attention to the bows of Bjorn Ironside and Ivar the Boneless. The Vikings and their main characters’ bows have come to an end, some more tragically than others. For a detailed explanation of the season 6 finale, read this.

Ivar’s death in Vikings season 6

The cruel and seemingly indestructible Ivar who has overcome many obstacles since birth has failed to make it past the series finale. Unlike his brothers Ubbe and Hvitserk. Whose stories continue after Vikings, but are left to the imagination to some extent. Ivar, on the other hand, was killed in action after seeing Hvitserk exhausted and injured, struggling to keep fighting. He decided to join the fight so that Hvitserk could step back and survive.

Hvitserk pointed out that Ivar’s eyes were blue. Which meant that he was in great danger of breaking his bones. Ivar urged his warriors to keep fighting, reminding everyone close enough to hear him that he and his people were not afraid to die. Then he turned to find a young man with a dagger. And after telling him not to be afraid he repeatedly stabbed Ivar in the stomach, dying seconds later, to the surprise of Hvitserk and King Alfred, who stopped the fight so Hvitserk could say goodbye to his brother.

How did the real Ivar die?

Although the team behind Vikings tried to be as accurate historically as possible. In most cases, there is not enough historical documentation about the characters. So we had to invent certain events and characters. However, Ivar is one of the few characters based on a real person, who, like the Vikings, was born with brittle bones and received the nickname “Boneless.”

Although he is considered one of the greatest Viking leaders, he is not exactly known. how and when he died. Some claim that he died in 870 and others in 873. As for the cause of his death, some claim that it was due to a sudden and horrible illness, leaving the possibility that “Boneless” was not related to a disease he had at birth. But to an illness that struck him later in life.

Many years later, a mass grave was discovered in England. Near the site of the battle where the Great Heathen Army overthrew the merciful King Burgred of his kingdom, it sparked rumors that it was the resting place. Ivar because more than 250 partial skeletons were found around the body, indicating that the man buried there was of very high rank.

If it were ‘Ivar’s body, so most likely he would die in combat, as in the Vikings. And whether a “horrible disease” made the situation worse or not remains a mystery. the death of Vikings Ivar has been the subject of much criticism from viewers. They saw a poorly written scene in him that didn’t fit the character at all. But at least this closed the chaotic but interesting bow Ivar.