Zanders – Leftovers & Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I kiss you I’m on my tippy toes
And when you get closer I like to kiss your nose
Your hair’s kid of a mess
And that might be my fault too
This bed feels so big
When I’m not in it with you

[Verse 2]
You told me that you and I or “you and me”
Could live in your backseat permanently
We’ll just lay and laugh all day
Don’t worry about the food
We could live on leftovers and love

[Verse 3]
We might not be here tomorrow
So you should probably stay the night
It would guarantee some unity and delay our goodbyes
We wouldn’t sleep at all
We’d just kiss and touch and call
Each other little nicknames that remind us
We’ve always been playing games

[Verse 4]
Once we were laying down in my bed
And I fell in love with the things you had said
About your future with me
But I could never tell if you’re serious

[Outro] [3x]
Leftovers and love, who are we kidding?
We need a roof about our heads
Not a sunroof and not a backseat for a bed